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Taxi E-Hail Application Summary - 2020.09.02

Effective Date
Wednesday, September 2, 2020 - 9:00am
News categories
Taxi Industry

Transportation Code Requirements

Section 1102. Definitions

E-Hail shall mean the use of any electronic device in any manner, including but not limited to internet site, email, text message, push notification, or application, for the connection of or communication between a passenger and a taxi Driver, or any agent thereof, irrespective of whether such communication is from a portable or handheld device, monitor, smartphone or other electronic device or unit, excluding telephone voice communication, to request taxi service.

Section1107. Conditions Applicable to Dispatch Service Permits.
(c) Dispatch Service Operational Requirements. A Dispatch Service must:
(7) Must affiliate with an e-hail application provider that meets criteria established by the Director of Transportation.

Section 1108.Conditions Applicable to Driver Permits.
(e) Driver Duties During Shift.
(13) During a shift a Driver may not monitor or listen to any Dispatch Service other than the Dispatch Service that provides service to the Color Scheme with which the vehicle is affiliated. A Driver must be logged into all In-Taxi Equipment at all times while operating a taxi vehicle, using a means of identification approved by the SFMTA, and a Driver must be logged into the e-hail application with which the Dispatch Service is affiliated.

1124. Taxi Fares and Fees; Gate Fees.
(c) Taxi Fees in Addition to Fares
(5)(B) E-Hail Fee. An E-Hail Fee of up to $5 may be charged by a Color Scheme that provides E-hail service to any customer who requests taxi service by E-Hail.