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Taxi Outreach Meeting

Effective Date
Thursday, December 9, 2021 - 3:00pm
News categories
Taxi Industry


  1. Taxi Marketing Campaign Update
  2. Upfront Fare Pilot Update
  3. SFO TaxiVQ
  4. Draft Taxi Medallion Reform
  • Discuss concepts to support purchased medallion holders



For the online experience, join the MS Teams Live event at

Join the MS Teams Live event


For public participation or to join by phone, use the instructions below.


Call Toll-Free: 888-251-2909 then enter Participant Code: 4584731.

When prompted, dial "1 - 0" to be added to the speaker line. The auto-prompt will indicate callers are entering "Question and Answer" time; this is the "Public Comment" period.



SFMTA is also accepting written comments at


Download documents of this meeting here:

Download documents of this meeting