Taxi Passenger Payment Devices

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To: Color Scheme Managers and Medallion Holders

Please recall that all taxis must be equipped with a Passenger Payment Device pursuant to Trans. Code §1113(d)(3)“Passenger Payment Device” is “a payment card industry-compliant device that allows customers to swipe their own credit card and choose their own tip amount. Formerly known as a Passenger Information Monitor (PIM).”  (§1102). 

Also please recall that Passenger Payment Devices are required to be in a stationary mounting

All Taxi and Ramp Taxi Medallion Holders and Color Schemes are jointly and severally responsible for ensuring that all Taxis and Ramp Taxis for which they hold permits, operate under a Use Agreement, or with which they are affiliated meet all equipment requirements listed in Section 1113, including the requirement to have Passenger Payment Devices. In addition to imposing any applicable penalty for non-compliance with equipment requirements, the SFMTA may remove any vehicle from service for any violation of Section 1113 until the violation is corrected and the vehicle is inspected and approved by the SFMTA.