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Taxi Supply Issues at SFO 7.15.2020

Effective Date
Wednesday, July 15, 2020 - 9:00am
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Taxi Industry

Dear San Francisco Taxi Drivers,

For the last several weeks, SFO has experienced taxi shortages at certain times, usually on Saturday or Sunday during the late afternoon or night. When SFO has fewer than two cabs in the taxi hold lot, all taxi dispatch centers are alerted by phone. The P-to-K ratio is suspended when this happens. Additionally, T medallion taxis are allowed at SFO for a short period during a shortage. Each Taxi dispatch center will be informed how long T taxis are to be allowed at SFO at the same time they are alerted about the shortage. These changes to SFMTA policy are allowed by SFMTA when needed to ensure operational reliability.

Medallion owners and color schemes are encouraged to find ways to deploy more cabs during these windows of spiking demand, including possibly allowing shorter shifts.

SFO recognizes that these are difficult times to be operating a taxi. We encourage you to help spread the word about these periods of elevated demand, to ensure drivers are taking advantage of potential income. If drivers are hesitant to serve the airport due to the recent conversion to online-only A-card payments, SFO is here to help. We have lowered the minimum online payment to $10, and if drivers do not have bank accounts there are some banks which offer pre-paid cards with no account required. Drivers can even add cash to the card at the bank’s ATMs. SFO’s Business and Career Center can help drivers select a good prepaid card OR help drivers set up a bank account. Drivers can call (650) 821-5242 or email at community@flysfo.com. Phone and email messages are monitored seven days a week.

Please contact the curbside management office at 650-821-2700 with any questions.


Seth Morgan
Senior Transportation Planner
SFO Landside Operations