Taxi Upfront Fare Pilot policy memo 2023.11.1

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Dear Taxi Industry Member,

The SFMTA Board of Directors approved an extension of the Taxi Upfront Fare Pilot (Pilot) until June 2025.  In preparation for the term extension period, which will start on December 1, 2023, the SFMTA has updated the Pilot policy memo to revise certain metrics, program rules, and the application process.  Please find the updated memo attached and linked here.

Summary of Taxi Pilot Updates:

  • Term extended to June 30, 2025
  • Applications may be submitted on a rolling basis
  • New metrics include:
    • Increase the number of drivers participating in the Pilot 
    • The SFMTA will measure the expansion of service by comparing the geographic distribution of pick-up locations for Third-Party Pilot trips with non-Pilot taxi trips, focusing specifically on the percentage of trips originating in outlying areas of the city
    • Explore including additional paratransit metrics, such as:
      • Changes in the service patterns of drivers who service Paratransit trips and also participate in the Pilot
      • Change in the level of paratransit service provided at specific times of day
  • During the Pilot term extension, the SFMTA will explore allowing wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) trips to be provided by ramp taxis for Third-Party Trips. This will require collaboration with the SF Paratransit team and the California Public Utilities Commission, the regulator of Transportation Network Companies.  
  • In response to requests from the taxi industry, the SFMTA will also include additional analyses, including:
    • Fare revenue broken down by medallion type
    • Distribution of Third-Party trips by time of day and day of week
  • Updated rule #18 regarding SFO drop-offs for Third-Party Trips, which cannot exceed 2% of the total of drop-offs provided by that Third-Party participant for any given month. The most recent analysis indicates that Third-Party drop-offs at SFO are below 0.4%.

Staff will continue to provide quarterly reports to transparently share relevant data and track metrics. Based on key stakeholder feedback and staff assessment, metrics and targets have been and may continue to be updated during the Pilot term.