UPDATE CORRECTION: The OB stop at Park Presidio should not be affected by this repair work. The OB stop at 12th wil https://t.co/1MKL7A7oUt (More: 24 in last 48 hours)

Temporary Suspension of Post-K driving requirement due to COVID-19 07.31.2020

Effective Date
Friday, July 31, 2020 - 9:00am

TO: Post-K Medallion Holders

Re: Temporary Suspension of the Post-K driving requirement due to COVID-19

Pursuant to Transportation Code, Division II, Section 1109(c), all Post-K medallion holders are required to operate their medallion full time.

 (c)   Full-Time Driving Requirement.

      (1)   Every Medallion Holder who is a natural person and who acquired his or her Medallion between June 6, 1978 and March 27, 2010 shall be a Full-Time Driver.

"Full-Time Driver" or "Full-Time Driving" shall mean any Driver actually engaged in, or the activity comprised of (respectively) the mechanical operation and physical charge and custody of a Taxi or Ramp Taxi which is available for hire or actually hired for at least 156 four-hour shifts or 800 hours during a calendar year.

On February 25, 2020, the Mayor declared a local emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, issuing a Proclamation of the Mayor Declaring the Existence of a Local Emergency (COVID-19 Emergency). On March 16, 2020, San Francisco’s Health Officer issued a Public Health Order in response to the COVID-19 Emergency, requiring that residents remain in place, with the only exception being for essential needs (Shelter in Place Order or SIP). For the duration of the Shelter in Place Order, which may be updated periodically, the Full-Time driving requirement for Post-K medallion holders will be suspended.

During any year in which operation of a Post-K medallion was temporarily suspended in accordance with this memo, the number of driving hours required to meet the Full-Time Driving Requirement shall be reduced by the same proportion as the ratio of the Permit Holder's excused driving hours to the hours remaining in the year.