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Trade Dress Requirement for Out-of-Service Vehicles - COVID-19 Response

Effective Date
Monday, March 8, 2021 - 9:00am
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Taxi Industry


San Francisco Taxi Drivers, Color Scheme Managers and Medallion Holders

Due the impact of COVID-19 on the San Francisco Taxi industry, many vehicles are not currently operating as Taxis. Although they are not operating as Taxis, some vehicles are being driven or parked on the street.

Commencing April 1, 2021, any out-of-service Taxi not parked on private property that still bear Taxi markings (i.e. trade dress) must be in compliance with the requirements set forth below. Pursuant to §1113(a)(1), “all Taxi and Ramp Taxi Medallion Holders and Color Schemes are jointly and severally responsible for ensuring that all Taxis and Ramp Taxis for which they hold permits or with which they are affiliated meet all equipment requirements listed in this Section.” Pursuant to §310, the fine for this violation is $99 per day.

This memo is in effect until further notice.

To be considered in compliance with this memo, out of service Taxis must either:
a. Be parked on private property at all times, or
b. Have all markings and indicia that the vehicle is a San Francisco Taxi removed, or
c. Bear all required markings and carry all equipment as required by §1113.

All San Francisco Color Schemes and Medallion Holders must ensure that any vehicles with which they are affiliated that continue to bear trade dress:

1. Are listed on the current insurance roster and carry the requisite level of insurance currently required.

2. Be affiliated with a Medallion and all Medallions must be affiliated with a Color Scheme.

3. Carry all required equipment as required by §1113, including but not limited to ITE.

4. Comply with all marking requirements of §1113 including but not limited to Medallion number.

5. Bear a valid SFO inspection sticker.


Philip Cranna
Enforcement and Legal Affairs Manager
Taxis, Access & Mobility Services