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Transition to New Smart A-cards

Effective Date
Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 12:00am
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-Transition to New Smart A-cards-

Important Dates:

Effective 11/5/2014, you may use either your old Smart Card or you new Smart A-card at SFO

  • Your new permit comes pre-loaded with $20 so you can use immediately. The next time you visit the Add Value Machine (AVM), you will need to pay $20 before adding money to your card.
  • One old and one new card reader will be available at the entry gates, for short validation and freeway exit gate. The old and new AVM will be available in Lot 2.
  • Short trips will still be based on the 30-minute rule while development of the new short system is finalized. When using the new Smart A-Card, you do not need to use the checkout readers at the terminals, but your taxi will need a valid windshield transponder. If your vehicle does not have a transponder, please contact your company

Effective 11/10/2015, you will need a new Smart A-card to access the taxi lots and pay for trips at SFO. the old Smart Cards will no longer work to open the entry, exit or payment gates. You must have a new Smart A-card to pick up at SFO. All trips, short or long, will be charge $5 consistent with the 2015-2016 taxi rates.

Effective 11/11/15, an value remaining on your old Smart Card will be transferred to your new permit. Note that both cards must be registered to the same name and driver license number in order for the value to be transferred.

In the future, SFO/SFMTA will launch a website for drivers to view their trip history, add value to their A-card online, as well as a new distance-based short system.