Upcoming Chase Center Events Dec - Jan

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Taxi Industry

Please be advised of the events at Chase Center listed below.  Expect high demand for taxis. 


Date Event Start Time Recommended Arrival
12/23 GSW vs Grizzles 19:00 21:15 ***Tune into 95.7 FM***
12/28   GSW vs Denver 19:00 21:15 ***Tune into 95.7 FM***
12/31 Winter Wonderland 11:00-13:30                                                      
1/03 GSW vs Miami 19:00 21:15 ***Tune into 95.7 FM*** 
1/09 GSW vs Cleveland 19:00 21:15 ***Tune into 95.7 FM***
1/15 Harlem Globetrotters     13:00 15:00
1/16 Tool 19:00  

Taxi Stands are located at:

  • Northbound on Terry Francois Blvd.
  • Southbound on Terry Francois Blvd. in front of the main entrance

Ramp Taxis should use the loading zone on eastbound Warriors Way (formerly South Street) at Bridgeview.  Inform parking control that you need to access the Ramp Zone if you are impacted by road closures

Map of the taxi stand location near by Chase Center