Updated Standards for Ramp Taxi Access to San Francisco International Airport 5.27.2022

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With recent technological changes to the TaxiVQ app, the Ramp Taxi Incentive Program is being amended to reflect feedback from the taxi community. TaxiVQ includes a “virtual queue” where drivers request to pick up at SFO without having to physically be at the airport

Starting June 1, 2022, the Ramp Taxi Incentive Program is being amended to include changes highlighted below. These changes are until further notice. SFMTA will continue to evaluate the incentive program and reserves the right to update the program at any time.

  • Airport Short Incentive: Ramp taxi drivers that have completed 30 wheelchair trips per month, of which at least 10 must be completed in the outlying area of San Francisco or after hours. Of those 30 trips, at least 20 must be provided to SF Paratransit wheelchair users. Of the 30 wheelchair trips, drivers must serve 8 unique paratransit riders in the month. 
  • In addition to access to the TaxiVQ system, those who meet the Airport Short Incentive requirements will be provided with fifteen (15) short passes each month. This pass entitles them to: (1) skip the virtual queue, (2) directly enter the short line and (3) qualify for short trip privileges, if the trip qualifies as is a short trip.
  • To use a short pass, the qualified driver will first add themselves to the virtual queue using their driver app. They will then call the Shift Manager at 650-821-2704 between 07:00 and 01:00 and provide their medallion number to request a short. The driver will confirm entry within 10 minutes and must arrive at SFO within the standard 40 minute window or forfeit the short pass.
  • Regular Access: Ramp drivers that do not meet the threshold for the App Bypass will still be allowed access to SFO in the “virtual queue” every day of the month.  These drivers will have the same access to the “virtual queue” as P Medallions. 
Starting July 1, 2022, ramp taxi drivers who earn the Airport Short Incentive will receive an additional $100 monthly bonus on top of any per-trip incentives earned for the month. This is a temporary incentive and will be available for one year, through June 30, 2023.
Starting August 1, 2022, any driver who operates a ramp medallion that does not meet the existing minimum trip requirement of ten (10) wheelchair trips, which can be a combination of Paratransit wheelchair trips and documented general public wheelchair trips, WILL NOT be allowed to access the airport. SFMTA will be monitoring all airport trips and will take administrative action, including fines, suspension or revocation, against the ramp medallion drivers and holders who continue to enter the airport without authorization. 

Existing Ramp Taxi Incentives and Program Requirements That Remain in Effect

  • $10 per paratransit trip incentive: for every wheelchair trip provided in a ramp taxi to a paratransit customer, driver receives a $10 incentive.
  • $10 per public trip incentive: for every wheelchair trip provided in a ramp taxi to a general public customer, driver receives a $10 incentive.
  • $15 per trip incentive for trips after 8:00pm and before 6:00am: for every wheelchair trip provided in a ramp taxi to a paratransit or general public customer during the hours of 8:00pm to 6:00am, driver receives a $15 incentive ($10 for IVR transactions).
  • $15 per trip for wheelchair trips which originate in outlying areas (see map on page 3): for every wheelchair trip provided in a ramp taxi to a paratransit or general public customer in the outlying areas of San Francisco, as identified on the map on page 3, driver receives a $15 incentive per trip ($10 for IVR transactions).
  • To be eligible for the ramp incentive program, all ramp drivers must be logged onto an SFMTA-approved e-hailing app (currently Flywheel only) for at least 80 hours per month.  Eligibility for credentials will be based on trips provided two months prior (i.e. credentials distributed in October will be based on trips provided in August).

Only one incentive type may be collected per trip. In order to receive credit for general public wheelchair trips, ramp taxi drivers must submit the online trip record within two hours of trip completion. The general public and Paratransit wheelchair trips are subject to regular video audits. Any general public wheelchair trips that cannot be verified through video will not be counted. Paratransit manual receipts (IVR) submissions for wheelchair trips will automatically default to the $10 incentive regardless of the location or time of pick-up. 

Airport staff will receive notification prior to the beginning of each month, with the names of ramp drivers who have earned the Airport Short Incentive for that month. Any fraud or misrepresentations will result in the offending driver losing access to the airport incentive program for a minimum of 12-months and may be subject to other SFMTA administrative action.

If you have any questions about the new ramp taxi incentives or requirements for the SFO short pass, please call 415.701.4400 or email SFTaxi@sfmta.com.


Map of the Outlying Areas of San Francisco

Map of the Outlying Areas of San Francisco

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