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Weights and Measures Ordinance 10.12.2021

Effective Date
Tuesday, October 12, 2021 - 9:00am

TO: San Francisco Taxi Drivers, Medallion Holders and Color Schemes

Please be advised that on October 5, 2021 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed the Weights and Measures ordinance on its second reading.  The ordinance was sponsored by Supervisor Peskin with Supervisor Chan and Supervisor Mandelman joining as co-sponsors.  This ordinance is the result of a collaboration between Supervisor Peskin, SF Department of Public Health (Weights and Measures division), the San Francisco Treasurer & Tax Collector and SFMTA.  

This ordinance amends the Administrative Code by

  • Setting March 31 as the annual due date to pay registration fees for weighing and measuring devices and automated point of sale stations used for commercial purposes;
  • Retroactively eliminating fees billed by the Tax Collector on or after January 1, 2019, through fees otherwise due prior to March 31, 2025, for each business with a taximeter device;
  • Eliminating the 100% late penalty;
  • Refunding eliminated fees paid to the City, and any penalties paid on such fees; and
  • Updating administrative fees to conform with the State of California’s annual device administrative fee schedule.

In short, this ordinance impacts the Taxi industry by waiving Weights and Measures inspection fees from January 1, 2019 through March 31, 2025.  Any Weights and Measures fees or penalties paid by the Taxi industry for this time period will be refunded. 
Before the ordinance has final approval, it must be approved by the Mayor

If you have any questions regarding the ordinance, including the status of the ordinance or the proposed impacts on the San Francisco Taxi Industry, please email

Philip Cranna
Enforcement and Legal Affairs Manager
Taxi Services