Pavement Restoration/Restriping Request (For Utility Excavation)

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For pavement restoration/restriping requests resulting from utility excavation, 

Submit the following

1. A Pavement Restoration/Restriping Request Form

2. Map of the street showing the location and details of restriping:

Using the SFMTA striping map as a base (or another map source if no Striping Drawing is available), show:

a. Streets (8½ x11 or 11x17) Names of Streets requiring restoration. Include the entire block in which restoration is required.
b. Roadway Striping (Show the dimensions (in feet) and types of all pavement marking requiring restoration on each street.
c. Photos of streets requiring striping restoration: Include photos of street segments requiring restoration. Mark up photo copies with pavement marking types and locations.

Email all to with the subject field "Pavement Restoration"

Contractor to restore damaged/missing striping using temporary tape.

SFMTA to prepare an invoice for striping restoration.

Contractor to follow-up with SF Public Works after submittal of payment for invoice.

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