FINAL UPDATE: Incident shuttle train was removed from service. IB #subwaysvc is resuming. Expect slow moving OB ser (More: 28 in last 48 hours)
Photo of Sarah Hellman

Sarah Hellman

Mobility Services Permit Manager

Sarah Hellman is the Mobility Services Permit Manager of Taxis and Mobility Services.  She oversees the permitting functions of the Division, including approximately 1,500 taxi medallions, 4,000 taxi driver permits, 20 Taxi Company Permits, Dispatch Permits, 15 commuter shuttle permits, scooter permits, Private Transit Vehicle (PTV) Permits, and additional regulated mobility services.

She has over 28 years of expertise in providing excellent service in managing programs for multiple departments in the City and County of San Francisco and other entities. Specifically, she has over 14 years’ experience in transportation, including seven years with SFMTA in the Finance and Information Technology Division and another seven years as an Assistant Manager with the San Francisco International Airport in the Ground Transportation Unit (GTU). At SFO GTU, she also regulated and permitted over 10,000 vehicles for hire, including taxis, shuttles, and TNCs (Ubers & Lyfts) that service the airport. She brings safety, reliability, accessibility and efficiency of the transportation system for all San Francisco residents, workers and visitors.