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Bay Area Vanpool Program

white shuttle van turning corner on Market street
Drive & Park
Business Permit
Residential Parking Permit

This program is administered in coordination with the Bay Area Vanpool Program. To reach them directly call 510.273.3600 or “511” and follow the phone prompts.

In order to receive a permit you must register with the  Bay Area Vanpool Program in addition to filling out the employee verification form below.

Vanpools with permits are allowed to park at any meter with a time limit of an hour or more, or in time-limited parking zones with a time limit of an hour or more (except for zones that have rush hour tow-away times or other restrictions).

Carpool permit parking is reserved for vans of 7 – 15 people.


Annual Fee: $144

Vanpool permits are not prorated. 

Permits expire on August 31st of each year.