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group of news camera people at press event on market street
Press Vehicle Parking Permits may be issued to news organizations, media outlets, freelance reporters or photographers with a current Press Pass issued by the San Francisco Police Department. 


The SFMTA Press Parking Permit exempts the holder from parking restrictions at standard parking meters, green zones, white zones, time limited parking and residential permit parking areas while actively engaged in news gathering activities. 

Annual Fee: $77 ($80 effective July 1, 2024)


Press Vehicle Parking Permits are only available for members of the news gathering media who are required to cover breaking news and to pass through police and fire lines on a regular basis. 

Feature writers and photographers, editors and editorialists, producers, freelance writers, financial service broadcasters, and all staff not actively gathering news at the scene of an incident are not eligible.

Standard parking restrictions apply, including, but not limited to, truck loading and commercial zones (yellow metered and unmetered zones), red zones, and no parking and no stopping zones. Vehicles cannot block crosswalks, fire hydrants, disabled ramps, or park on any portion of the sidewalk. Vehicles will be subject to citation if permit is not properly displayed from rear view mirror of vehicle to which it is assigned, or if used for parking within ½ mile of employee’s place of employment or residence. A permit may be revoked at any time for misuse and future permits may be restricted.


Vehicles displaying a Press Vehicle Parking Permit are exempt from the following parking rules. 

•    Residential Parking Area time limits
•    Payment of meters
•    Yellow Zones – excluding spaces marked for “six wheel trucks” (Truck Loading Zones) which are different regulations
•    White Zones – excluding spaces marked as “Taxi Stands” (school white zones are also exempt, however, we encourage avoiding these to facilitate safe drop off/pick-up of students)  
•    All time limits (metered and unmetered)


If you have purchased permits in the past, please visit our online application.  

For new customers: please complete this form to set up your account. 

Press Parking Permits are issued throughout the year, but all permits expire on December 31st.  Complete your application early to ensure you receive your permit(s) before January 1. Press permit fees are not prorated. 


Report lost and stolen passes immediately to  Replacement passes are subject to the annual fee.


News agencies can purchase permits for security staff. Security Press Permits are interchangeable, allowing you to provide them to any vehicle while gathering news. Please email to have your online account set up. You can also have the news agency you are working for order a permit.