UPDATE: SB #TThird is resuming service at 3rd and Williams. (More: 33 in last 48 hours)

Potrero Yard Modernization Project: Take our Survey

You're invited to provide feedback on the conceptual design of the new Potrero Yard. Your input helps create a more equitable and sustainable project that serves the City’s unique dual need of transit and housing.

Take our survey

Take the survey

The topics available for community input during this predevelopment phase include these open decision point areas:

  • Streetscape on 17th Street: What type of amenities and activities would you like to see on 17th Street to create a welcoming environment? 

  • Spaces for small businesses & non-profits: What kind of neighborhood organizations or businesses would you visit? What type of street vendors would you like to see? 

  • Landscaping choices along sidewalks: Creative landscaping can greatly improve the vibrancy and safety of spaces. We want your ideas — including which tree species you’d like to see.  

  • Look and feel of the building: Do you have ideas on building materials? Let us know what colors, textures and artistic elements you’d like to see on the new structure.  



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