ATTN: Report of a non-Muni collision on Fulton btwn 15th and 16th. Expect delays and possible reroutes on the IB/OB 5. (More: 15 in last 48 hours)

27 Bryant Proposed Route Adjustment and Bus Stop Changes

This page details the proposed 27 Bryant stop changes/removals. View the final bus stop changes/removals and route adjustment here.

North of Market the 27 Bryant currently stops on almost every block, causing delays. The below proposed stop changes/removals and route adjustment will improve reliability and reduce delays.


A map of the 27 Bryant route north of Market Street. It shows proposed bus stop removals, relocations, and proposed new stops and route. The proposal maintains 75% of stops (with 10 bus stop removals).

Proposed Bus Stop Changes

The 27 Bryant Project maintains 75% of stops (with 10 bus stop removals).

We evaluate stop changes with SFMTA Accessible Services team, SFMTA Multimodal Accessibility Advisory Committee, Senior and Disability Action and community stakeholders.

Route Adjustment

The route adjustment reduces the number of turns the bus has to make going towards Market, improving safety.

  • Safer for buses to navigate
  • Reduces need for bus to merge across lanes
  • Bus operators favor updated route
  • Brings people closer to Boeddeker Park, Tenderloin Police Station and affordable housing