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30 Stockton proposals approved by MTA Board

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On Tuesday, March 15, the SFMTA Board of Directors voted to approve the 30 Stockton Transit Priority Project along Chestnut, North Point and Van Ness. This project includes a suite of treatments aimed to improve Muni reliability, reduce transit travel time, and enhance safety for people walking.

The capital improvements approved by the Board were designed through a community-driven process that included several public open houses, presentations at community-initiated meetings, and working closely with Supervisor Farrell's offiice.

The approved project includes the following elements:


  • Parking neutral
  • Average stop spacing from 1 to 2 blocks
  • Stop optimization at two intersections
  • Transit bulbs at five intersections
  • No left turn at one intersection
  • Turn pockets at three intersections

Van Ness and North Point:

  • Transit-only lanes (Van Ness Ave)
  • Stop optimization at one intersection
  • Bulbs at two intersections

The plan view intersection-level details are available online for Chestnut and Van Ness/North Point