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6th Street Pedestrian Safety Project - January 2021 Update

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Update for January 2021

While the 6th Street Pedestrian Safety Project is moving forward, this month we want to update you on changes coming to Market Street which will add to the safety and livability of the neighborhood.  We will provide an update on the 6th Street construction timeline when more information is available.

Better Market Street

Market Street is one of our city’s busiest areas for people walking and biking. As a part of San Francisco’s high-injury corridor, it includes four of the top ten most dangerous intersections involving collisions for people on bikes and for pedestrians. The creation of a Car-free Market Street initiated the beginning of a safer era for everyone on Market Street. Lowering speeds for the remaining vehicles will further improve safety.

In response to budget constraints and challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Better Market Street project team released updated design proposals for Market Street between 5th and 8th streets in September 2020. Based on public feedback the following improvements were recommended:

•             Lowering the speed limit to 20 miles per hour between Franklin and Steuart streets

•             Adding speed tables next to boarding islands to slow vehicle traffic and discourage speeding where transit riders and pedestrians are more vulnerable

•             Removing previously proposed mountable curbs between vehicle lanes and explore other ideas for lane separators and

•             Exploring the use of traffic cameras to monitor illegal turns onto Market Street and issue citations in order to improve enforcement of the Market Street ban on private vehicles

•             Implementing four new required right turns for taxis and commercial vehicles, eastbound at 8th and 6th streets and westbound at Kearny/Geary and Turk streets.

This will further reduce conflicts between motorized vehicles and people walking and biking along one of San Francisco’s highest injury corridors.

Illustration of existing and new proposed required right turns off Market Street and turn exemptions on Mission Street.

Illustration of existing and new proposed required right turns off Market Street and turn exemptions on Mission Street.

For project details visit the Better Market Street project website.  

Stay Updated

We provide regular 6th Street Pedestrian Safety Project updates on our website, which includes past monthly e-mail updates, to ensure interested members of the public can easily get up-to-speed on the project status. For project-related questions, please contact

Thanks for reading and looking forward to getting in touch with you again next month.
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