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Active Communities Plan - December Update #1

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Analysis Takeaways – Network Analysis 

Our Network & Bike Count Analysis is one of the key documents informing the development of the draft active transportation network. This analysis helped us understand where and how people are using the network, and some of the reasons they may not be.  

Here are a few key things we learned from this analysis: 

  • 24% of streets have bike infrastructure (bike lanes, sharrows), but only 8% of streets have high quality bike infrastructure (separated bikeways, bike paths, slow streets, car-free streets) 

  • High quality bike facilities like separated bikeways are associated with higher bike ridership per mile 

  • Most bike trips in San Francisco take place outside of the official bike network, since most streets in San Francisco do not have bike facilities 

  • 3.1% of SF residents commute by bike, the highest mode share of any major US city. This commute rate is higher in dense neighborhoods and neighborhoods with lower car ownership 

Take a look at the report to learn more.  


What’s Next?  

We are currently gathering input from community workshops and incorporating feedback into the draft active transportation network and proposed policies and programs.  

We plan to bring our first draft of the citywide network to the SFMTA Board in January. Following the release of the draft network, we will be holding open houses throughout the city. Keep your eye out for more news soon! 

As always, if you’d like us to attend your community meeting or event, contact and let us know! 

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