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Additional Construction for Glen Park Project

Additional construction will be done for the Glen Park Streetscape Improvement Project (Project) in order to correct how Muni buses and larger vehicles navigate the BART station corner.

Construction for the Project steadily progressed through the summer and was generally completed by mid-July. The bus bulbs made sidewalks wider for people waiting for the bus and walking through the Diamond/Bosworth intersection. New traffic signals and poles have been installed and include a protected left-turn arrow for vehicles on Diamond to help get more drivers through the intersection. Benches, planters and new welcome signage invites more people to walk, sit and enjoy the hub of Glen Park. 

While observing traffic moving through the intersection, Project staff noticed that Muni buses and larger vehicles were having trouble turning at the BART station corner. Staff reviewed the corner measurements and decided that the corner was too sharp for buses to move efficiently around it. The corner was designed to ensure that a fire truck could move around it. Buses do not have as tight a turning radius as the trucks do and were having trouble moving around the corner. The corner should have been designed using both vehicles.

In order for buses and large vehicles to move safely at that corner, a small part of the sidewalk and the median will be removed. Construction crews have already begun to remove the median section that is next to the left-turn lane. Engineering staff are finalizing the revised plan for the sidewalk. Any additional information about the revisions to the BART corner will be posted to the Project webpage.

Project staff does its best to plan for safety using tried and true engineering practices. No two intersections in San Francisco are the same, and the unique patterns of every neighborhood are taken into consideration.  Sometimes things don’t work, and we make sure to act quickly to correct the matter.

After this work is completed, crews will complete the Project’s remaining work, preparing for the traffic light switch-over and painting the permanent traffic striping.