ATTN: Hyde Cable Car Line delayed near Hyde and Washington due to a Muni-involved collision. (More: 15 in last 48 hours)

Battery/Sansome Quick-Build Project Update and Next Steps

The Battery/Sansome Quick-Build was recently approved at the SFMTA Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. Thank you to everyone who submitted public comments via email and/or attended the hearing. The project will install the Financial District's first two-way protected bikeway, as well as travel lane reduction, turn restrictions, and parking and loading changes on Battery Street from Market to Vallejo streets. On Sansome Street, the project includes pedestrian safety improvements such as daylighting, advanced limit lines, and continental crosswalks. The approved design can be viewed here   

 Construction is scheduled to begin in October 2022 and will take approximately one to two months. The project team will be closely evaluating impacts of the upcoming roadway design changes, including a before-and-after assessment of vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian counts, vehicle volumes and speeds, parking behavior, yielding behavior at loading zones, and other traffic safety metrics. An additional update will be sent ahead of the start of construction. 

 For more information about the project, please sign up for updates on our project website, or reach out to Thank you for your continued interest and involvement in this project!