FINAL UPDATE: The Powell Mason Cable Car Line is resuming service. (More: 19 in last 48 hours)

Battery/Sansome Quick-Build Project Update - August 2022

Thank you for your interest in the Battery/Sansome Quick-Build Project.

Since the virtual project open house in May 2022, the project team has received and reviewed feedback and has been advancing design efforts for the corridors. The latest version of the design is available on the project website.

Based on community feedback, the following adjustments were made to the Battery Street design:

  • Maintaining the southbound left-turn at Battery onto Jackson Street to provide additional access. The initial conceptual design proposed a southbound left turn restriction at this intersection.
  • Maintaining the passenger loading zone on the Battery Street frontage of the Gateway (between Washington and Jackson streets), so that the loading zone continues to be visible from the front door and elevators of the building.
  • Additional parking and loading changes along the corridor.

Next Steps
The Battery/Sansome Quick-Build Project will be brought to the SFMTA Board of Directors’ meeting for consideration on Tuesday, September 6th. This project proposes a two-way protected bikeway, travel lane reduction, turn restrictions and parking and loading changes on Battery Street from Market to Vallejo streets.  A protected bikeway is not being proposed on Sansome Street, but project elements will focus on pedestrian safety improvements such as a daylighting, advanced limit lines, continental crosswalks and installing larger signal lens for better visibility. Additional information will be shared next week on how to provide feedback and your public comment.

Thank you again for your continued interest in this project