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Battery/Sansome Quick-Build Project Update - November 2022

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The Battery/Sansome Quick-Build Project will begin construction soon after Thanksgiving. Work on Battery Street will include installing the Financial District’s first two-way protected bikeway, off-peak travel lane reduction, turn restrictions, and parking and loading changes. The project will also implement pedestrian safety changes on Sansome Street, such as daylighting, advanced limit lines, and continental crosswalks. The full design can be viewed on the project website here.

With the start of construction, look out for new traffic patterns and temporary and permanent tow-away restrictions along the corridor. Construction will take approximately one to two months to complete – we appreciate your patience as we work to get the project in the ground! In the months following completion, we will be closely evaluating impacts, including vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian volumes; vehicle speeds; parking behavior; and yielding behavior at loading zones.

For more information about the project, please sign up for updates on our project website, or reach out to Thank you for your continued interest and involvement in this project!