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Cayuga Avenue Slow Street Implementation Update

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Implementation of the Cayuga Avenue Slow Street is nearing completion!

The SFMTA paint shop has completed pavement markings along the Slow Street and installed a painted safety zone at Cayuga Avenue and Cotter Street.

In August 2023, implementation of the remaining elements will occur:

  • Cayuga Avenue Slow Street wayfinding signage and Slow Streets pavement markings will be installed throughout the corridor to create more awareness for the Slow Street.
  • Soft diversion (flexible delineators and Slow Street signs) will be installed at select locations throughout the corridor to help reduce traffic volumes by discouraging cut-through traffic.
  • Traffic Calming Elements, including speed cushions and raised crosswalks to help reduce vehicle speeds are anticipated to be constructed this fall..
  • A median diverter will be constructed at the intersection of Cayuga Avenue and Geneva Avenue to help keep vehicle volumes low on the Slow Street. Please note that the diverter will prohibit cars from turning left from Geneva Avenue onto Cayuga Avenue, and from and continuing straight on Cayuga Avenue through the intersection with Geneva Avenue, while allowing for bicycles to pass through.

Once implementation is complete, the project will be evaluated to ensure that Cayuga Avenue is functioning well as a Slow Street, and meeting the SFTMA Board-adopted Slow Streets Program targets of fewer than 1,000 vehicles per day and typical median speeds of less than 15 miles per hour.

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