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Commuter Shuttle Hub Model Study – Criteria

Dear neighbor,

Thank you for your ongoing interest in the SFMTA Commuter Shuttle Program.  As we mentioned earlier this year, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), in collaboration with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA), launched a study to determine the feasibility of a commuter shuttle program based on a hub model. Such a system would entail limited shuttle pick up locations, with riders travelling to the locations via other modes of travel (read more about the Hub Model here).  In contrast, the current Commuter Shuttle Program permits shuttles load and unload at up to 125 designated locations throughout San Francisco, transporting 8,500 people daily.

Following on the public call for hub location suggestions, the SFMTA has also finalized the hub system and siting criteria. This criteria will be used to screen locations to identify a system that can feasibly accommodate the current and growing shuttle ridership, and determine potential stop locations that may be included in the hub system evaluation process. Potential hub locations to be included in the screening process are being identified using feedback gathered via the public survey and by SFMTA and SFCTA staff.

What is a hub system?

A system in which shuttles of all sizes with MTA permits would be limited to stopping at one or a few designated locations.

What is a hub?

One of the few designated locations in the city where permit-holding commuter shuttles can load and unload passengers. These locations can be on-street (e.g. at a curb), off-street (e.g. in a parking lot), or a combination of both. Potential hubs can be any location that meet the defined criteria.

What characteristics must a hub have to be considered for inclusion in the hub system evaluation process?

A location must meet all of the criteria described below to be considered for inclusion the hub study.




Physical space to accommodate dozens of shuttle buses every hour

  1. Curb Space (for on-street sites)
  2. Size (for off-street sites)
  • Able to accommodate many and large vehicles – assuming a hub replaces many stops and the ridership demand of the current program remains
  • Curb space enables compliance with operating guidelines; load/unload passengers safely; allows for designated areas for passengers to wait safely.
  • Size of off-street location should allow for large vehicles to maneuver


Available weekday AM and PM peak hours

Time periods when shuttles are most active


Accessible by frequent transit—within ¼ mile, transit every 10 minutes or better

Passengers can take transit to access the hub.


Accessible to/from highway

Limit shuttle contribution to surface street congestion.


Accessible by non-auto one-leg journey within 30 minutes for most riders

Contributes to goal to integrate commuter shuttles into multi-modal transportation system.

It is expected that the hub study will be posted online in October 2016 and presented to the Board of Supervisors.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Francesca Napolitan (

Read more about the SFMTA Commuter Shuttle Program at