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Construction for Glen Park BART Station corner, November 13-25, 2015

Construction of the southeast/Glen Park BART corner will restart on Friday, November 13, 2015.  This phase of work will fix the shape of the bus bulbs at Diamond and Bosworth Streets and allow buses and larger vehicles to turn safely through the intersection.  In an effort to finish the work quickly and avoid impacts to the neighborhood during the holidays, crews will be working extended hours every day, including weekends.  The expected completion of this corner is Wednesday, November 25.

This phase of work includes:

  • Partial demo of southeast/Glen Park BART station corner and repaving the sidewalk
  • Partial switchover to new traffic system and removal of old traffic poles
  • Refreshing the temporary traffic striping at the intersection

Traffic may be impacted during construction. People driving through the area are advised to find alternative routes. Additional work to the northeast corner (formerly Citibank) will begin after the holidays in January.

Bus service during construction

Muni buses will be rerouted around the corner to avoid disruptions to service.  Starting on Monday, November 16, the inbound 23-Monterey and outbound 52-Excelsior Muni bus routes are rerouting around the construction via Wilder and Arlington Streets. (The outbound 23 and inbound 52 routes will operate their regular routes.) The bus stop on Diamond serving the 23 and 36-Teresita will be pushed 100 feet south towards Monterey Boulevard. Temporary bus stops for the 23 and 52 will be at Arlington and Bosworth and signage will be posted at the stops. Buses will continue to make their scheduled stops beyond the re-routed area.

The map here shows the alternative route that the buses will take during construction and the temporary stop locations. These changes will be in effect through Wednesday, November 25.