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Dewey Area Traffic Calming Project Update 10/03/2016

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Magellan Avenue speed humps going to construction!

After residents approved the installation of two speed humps on Magellan, between Montalvo and Dorantes, an SFMTA Public Hearing was held September 16, 2016, and the speed humps were approved. Staff has recently marked locations of the two speed humps on this block of Magellan and construction will commence this fall.

These two humps will add to the nine speed humps were constructed in Summer 2014:

·         Kensington Way, Ulloa Street to Merced/Vasquez intersection – 2 Humps

·         Balceta Avenue, Laguna Honda Boulevard to Vasquez Avenue – 1 Hump

·         Vasquez Avenue, Balceta Avenue to Hernandez Avenue – 1 Hump

·         Hernandez Avenue, Laguna Honda Boulevard to Vasquez Avenue – 1 Hump

·         8th Avenue, Moraga Street to Noriega Street – 2 Humps

·         9th Avenue, Ortega Street to Pacheco Street – 2 Humps

The remainder of the Dewey Area Traffic Calming Project speed humps and speed cushions will be entering the community ballot process soon. If you live on a block where a speed hump or speed cushion is proposed, you will receive a postcard ballot in the mail. Each address on impacted blocks will receive one ballot and is eligible to cast one vote for or against the proposed speed humps or cushions. The installation of speed humps is determined by a simple majority of the votes cast for each block. Each block’s speed humps or cushions will then be heard at a final SFMTA public hearing before going to construction. The dates of those public hearings will be posted on this webpage.

It is anticipated that remaining speed humps and cushions in the project will be built in calendar year 2017, and larger project elements built toward the end of 2017.  

Quarterly updates will also be posted on this web page. Quarterly email updates will be sent to our project email list as well, and interested parties are encouraged to join the project email list.