UPDATE: The 48 and 67 continue to reroute around the area of 24th btwn Shotwell and Folsom. https://t.co/UQ0vJNDL1h (More: 34 in last 48 hours)
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Final Turn Restriction Being Installed Soon at 5th Street

The final turn restriction of the Safer Market Street project from northbound 5th Street to eastbound Market Street will be installed within the next 3-4 weeks.

An electronic message sign will be placed on 5th Street near Howard Street beginning July 15 to notify drivers of the upcoming change to restrict the right turn from 5th Street to Market Street; once the signage is installed, people driving will need to access 4th Street via Ellis Street. (*Transit, taxis, bicycles, commercial and emergency vehicles are exempt from the restrictions).

The majority of turn restrictions as part of the Safer Market Street project were installed almost a year ago between 3rd and 8th Streets to support the city’s Vision Zero policy which aims to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024.  The turn restrictions eliminate conflicts between turning vehicles along the busiest stretch of Market Street to improve safety for people walking, biking, riding transit or driving.

In addition to implementing the 5th Street turn restriction, staff have been hard at work evaluating the impacts of the project on traffic, transit performance and reliability, collisions, crime and the local economy. The evaluation is on track to be released in September.

For more information visit www.sfmta.com/safermarketst. The graphic below illustrates the existing and new turn restrictions. 

Map illustrating 15 existing turn restrictions in black between 3rd and 8th Streets that restrict people driving from turning onto Market Street. One new turn restriction at 5th Street in red where drivers cannot right onto Market Street. Required right turn in purple that requires drivers to turn off of Market Street at 6th Street.