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Golden Gate Avenue Engineering Public Hearing Comments - July 6, 2022 Project Update

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Thank you for participating in the Golden Gate Avenue Design Virtual Engineering Public Hearing. The Virtual Engineering Public Hearing was live from June 10, 2022, through June 22, 2022. We received 75 total comments from the online comment form, voicemail, and email.  

The majority of comments received were in support of the proposed design (Golden Gate Avenue from Masonic to Lyon), which includes a partial traffic diverter at Masonic and Golden Gate Avenue, traffic calming elements (a speed cushion and raised crosswalks), and Slow Streets delineators, pavement stencils and wayfinding signs, and some were in opposition.

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The City Traffic Engineer will review the public comments received from the Engineering Public Hearing and a corresponding project decision is anticipated to be posted on the Golden Gate Avenue project webpage by 5 PM on July 8, 2022.

With a directive supporting the project, the next steps for Golden Gate Avenue include:

  • In the coming weeks, implementation of lighter-touch elements including signs, paint, and posts
  • Later in the year, implementation of additional project elements, including speed cushions, raised crosswalks, and a concrete diverter at Masonic

The SFMTA looks forward to continued dialogue and feedback about Golden Gate Avenue!

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