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Golden Gate Avenue Engineering Public Hearing Results July 25, 2022 Project Update

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Pursuant to the  Golden Gate Avenue Design Virtual Engineering Public Hearing, a directive has been issued to implement the Golden Gate Avenue design.

View the 7/8/2022 Directive (Public Hearing Results)

In response to comments received through the Public Hearing process, the design has been revised to include delineators at Central Avenue with a slightly modified design. The outer delineators will be shifted closer to the curb to accommodate school loading without fully blocking the street. We will evaluate the effectiveness of this design after implementation and explore alternatives as needed.

In addition, the Slow Street designation will be extended west to Parker Avenue. The treatments for the Golden Gate Slow Street section from Masonic Avenue to Parker Avenue – which do not include traffic diversion - will be advanced through the USF Complete Streets Project. This project is anticipated to go through the Engineering Public Hearing process later this summer or in early fall. We will send an update when additional details become available.

The Golden Gate Avenue project team will now begin implementation of the Golden Gate Avenue Slow Street design elements. Implementation will be phased:

  • This summer, Slow Streets signs, street stencils, daylighting, and a paint and post diverter at Golden Gate Avenue and Masonic will be implemented
  • Following the signs, paint, posts, and stencils, speed cushions and raised crosswalks will be implemented
  • Later in the year, a permanent concrete diverter will be implemented to replace the interim paint and post diverter at Golden Gate Avenue and Masonic Avenue
  • Slow Street treatments on the extended portion of the Slow Street between Masonic Avenue and Parker Avenue, which do not include traffic diversion, will be implemented following the Public Hearing Process, likely towards the end of this year.

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