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Golden Gate Avenue Slow Street Implementation Update – March 10, 2023

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Golden Gate Avenue Slow Street Implementation Update 

Implementation of the Golden Gate Avenue Slow Street is nearly complete! Slow Streets delineators have been installed throughout the corridor, as well as a speed cushion between Masonic Avenue and Central Avenue, and raised crosswalks at Baker Street and Broderick Street. In the coming weeks, you can expect to see crews out on Golden Gate Avenue implementing Slow Streets pavement markings and the partial traffic diverter at Masonic Avenue, which will prohibit vehicles from entering Golden Gate Avenue in the eastbound direction from Masonic. Stay tuned for another project update with more specific construction dates.

West of Masonic Avenue, the near-term implementation of the USF Complete Streets Project will add Slow Streets signs and pavement markings to Golden Gate Avenue along with painted safety zones, a new stop sign and marked pedestrian crossings, widening of the westbound bike lane, and re-orientation of existing front-in angled parking to back-in angled. Construction of these elements located west of of Masonic Avenue will begin as soon as Thursday, March 9th and will continue through at least Friday, March 17th.

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