FINAL UPDATE: Delay at 30th and Noe has cleared. IB/OB 24 resuming regular service. (More: 23 in last 48 hours)

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J Church Transfer Improvements Project - December 2020 Update

Route(s) Affected

On December 1, 2020, the SFMTA Board reviewed and approved our plans to begin restoration of rail service in San Francisco. The transit planning team has been working on these plans since August. The good news is that the J Church surface route will be the first line to return, on December 19.

The return of rail vehicles will free up buses that can be added to other lines where service has been limited. We are currently evaluating other lines where surface rail can return in order to meet service planning goals for the new year.

Because J Church trains will not be entering the subway tunnel, Muni customers will need to make a new transfer to go downtown or back to Noe Valley in the area near Church and Market street (see map below).  This temporary new transfer is slightly different from the J Church bus substitution route. 

The final northbound stop for the J Church rail service will continue to be at the platform just south of Duboce Avenue alongside Safeway. For return travel to Noe Valley, trains will reverse out of the final stop and use the mid-block crossover so that they may resume travel in the southbound lane. 

Map of new transfer point on Church Street between Duboce and 15th

J Church Transfer Points at Market Street

New Temporary Ramps to Ease Transfers

Crews are finalizing the construction of temporary ramps to assist customers with additional mobility needs. One temporary ramp is located on the existing platform by Safeway, and another is located on the 200 block of Church just south of Market Street, serving as an outbound stop and connection for customers once the Muni Metro subway reopens.
In order to ensure efficient connections for passengers on both the 22 Fillmore and the J Church, that share the transit lanes along this route, we are discontinuing use of the southbound platform on Church Street at 14th Street. Instead, both services will utilize the nearby temporary stop being implemented just south of Market Street. We will continue to actively monitor the shared section of Church Street for these two routes and make adjustments as needed.

These temporary changes were reviewed and approved as measures under the Mayor's emergency shelter in place order, beginning in March 2020. We will undertake a review of this temporary J Church surface rail route and should we propose to make the changes permanent we will enter into a public process to work with all stakeholders.

For information about the new J Church terminal in the area of Market Street visit