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Lower Great Highway Pedestrian Improvements Project - SFMTA Board Consideration of Revised Near-Term Proposal

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Neighborhoods Affected

SFMTA Board of Directors - Near-Term Proposal

Thank you to those who attended our 9/12 Open House and 9/14 Public Hearing. After considering the total feedback collected over the course of two Open Houses, two Public Hearings, and multiple meetings with residents and community members, SFMTA staff will bring the revised near-term proposal to the SFMTA Board of Directors for their final consideration. You can send your comments on the near-term proposal to; these comments will be summarized as part of the presentation to the Board.

SFMTA Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, October 16 @ 1 PM
City Hall, Room 400 (4th Floor)

The revised near-term proposal includes:

 • Pedestrian visibility zones (-20 parking spaces)
 • Painted safety zones (-12 parking spaces)
 • Back-in angled parking (+18 parking spaces; Kirkham to Lawton streets, west side only)
 • Signage improvements
 • Refreshed and updated roadway striping

Together, the proposed pedestrian safety improvements would remove 14 parking spaces over the entire 2-mile, 18-intersection corridor. More information about the near-term proposal can be found in the project documents:

 • Near-term Improvements Map (revised)
 • Near-term Improvements - Intersection Details
 • Angled Parking - Kirkham to Lawton Detail

Next Steps for Medium-Term Proposal

The project team is compiling and considering the feedback collected at our 9/12 Open House regarding the medium-term proposal. You can still provide your opinions on the proposals by emailing More information about the medium-term proposal can be found in the project documents:

 • Medium-term Improvements Map (revised)
 • Medium-term Improvements - Intersection Details
 • 9/12 Open House Information Boards
 • Project Factsheet (revised)

After incorporating the feedback received into the medium-term project design, it will be brought to Public Hearing for formal comments from the community. An email announcement will be sent out in advance of that hearing.