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New Fuel Tanks Coming to Muni Kirkland Bus Yard

Feul Monintory System
New tank monitoring equipment with updated technology

With the completion of the underground fuel tank replacement project in February, a state-of-the-art fueling system is up and running at Muni Kirkland bus yard. The new tanks will serve Muni diesel and hybrid buses. Although most of the tank and piping sytem is underground and can not be seen on the street, the monitoring and feuling equipment is visible above ground.

Alarm system
Overfill alarm system to ensure safety

The year-long project replaced and upgraded the two 40-year-old underground diesel tanks, bringing them up to the code, improving safety and making fueling faster and more efficient. The work started with the excavation and removal of the old tanks, followed by laying the concrete foundation and installing the piping and fueling systems.

New fuel dispenser
Fuel dispenser that makes fueling more efficient

The new fueling tanks will store large quantities of renewable diesel with added features such as two double-wall tanks, a new monitoring system to detect leaks and faster and more reliable dispensers.

New bus shelter
Bus shelter reinstalled on Beach and Stockton streets

The bus shelter on Beach and Stockton Street taken down to accommodate the construction has been reinstalled.

As part of the fuel tank replacement project, two underground waste tanks at Flynn Division were replaced with above ground tanks.