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New Signal at Rossmoor Drive and 19th Ave

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M Ocean View Improvements

Safety and reliability improvements at 19th Avenue/Rossmoor Drive

A new traffic signal is coming to Rossmoor Drive at 19th Avenue to improve safety for people walking, enhance Muni reliability, and address a pattern of reported traffic collisions between westbound vehicles and Muni trains.

Work is almost complete and we plan to put the new signal in service as soon as Tuesday, August 7th. During the activation, crews will be on site to test the signal and verify it works correctly. We will monitor operations after the new signal is turned on to ensure continued safety.

The traffic signal includes new pedestrian countdown and accessible pedestrian signals, new flashing “Train Coming” signals, and a new dedicated right-turn traffic signal for westbound vehicles from Rossmoor Drive turning onto 19th Avenue. Muni trains and westbound vehicles will be detected with sensors in the roadway and given a green light as soon as feasible.

The new signal will work in conjunction with the other existing traffic signals in the area to maintain traffic flow along northbound 19th Avenue between Winston and Eucalyptus streets. To improve safety, vehicles will not be allowed to turn right on red from Rossmoor Drive, and may have to wait up to two minutes for a green light in the longest case scenario.

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