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Proposed Stop Changes Information (Former Proposal from 2019)

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Neighborhoods Affected
Route(s) Affected

Proposal Updated Based on Community Feedback

The J Church Project originally proposed removing the J Church stop at Church and 30th streets (inbound) to improve travel time and reliability. We received extensive community feedback that the 30th/Church stop serves a special purpose, as it allows riders to wait for either the J Church or the 24 Divisadero, both of which provide a connection to Market Street subway service. Instead, we are proposing to remove the stop at Church and 29th streets.

Key Considerations for Removing Stop at Church and 29th streets

  • Would help to improve reliability for the J Church.

  • People with impaired mobility can continue to use the wheelchair-accessible stop on Church at Day Street, which is on the same block as the 29th Street stop. This stop is also accessible for people with strollers. 

  • Alternate nearby stops include Church/27th and Church/30th. 

The existing concrete transit island at Church and 29th streets would not be removed immediately, pending the evaluation period for the project. If needed, additional adjustments to the stop spacing could be made after the project is implemented to ensure reliability, safety and accessibility.

Proposed Update for Stop at Church and 30th streets

Based on community input, we are also proposing to relocate the stop at 30th and Church from Church Street to 30th Street so the train only stops once at the intersection.