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Quick-Build Safety Upgrade Work Beginning on San Jose Avenue

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Following the SFMTA Board’s approval of the M Ocean View Transit and Safety Project in February 2024, we have been preparing quick-build improvements on San Jose Avenue. This work will improve transit reliability and accessibility and enhance safety for people walking on San Jose Avenue. In recent months, our crews have implemented parking changes to improve intersection safety and to prepare for improved boarding islands on San Jose Avenue south of Geneva Avenue.

Starting Wednesday, June 26, Public Works crews will begin construction a quick-build boarding island at the last outbound M Ocean View stop, on the east side of San Jose Avenue, just south of Niagara Avenue. Following the construction of the island, SFMTA crews will add paint in the street to help improve visibility of the island.  

This island will improve safety and accessibility for M Ocean View riders. Instead of stepping off the train into a lane of traffic in the street, they will be able to step directly onto the island.  Additionally, all people who travel through the intersection will see safety benefits from the island’s traffic-calming effects.  

New parking restrictions are now in effect on the east side of San Jose Avenue, just south of Niagara Avenue. New signage has been installed to show that no parking or stopping is allowed at any time.  

For this work to take place, this area must be clear of parked vehicles since construction crews will use this space. In the coming days, SFMTA crews will add additional temporary signage and notifications on vehicles currently parked illegally on this this part of San Jose Avenue, on the eastern curb just south of Niagara Avenue. City construction crews will use this space when constructing the temporary boarding area for this stop.  

For those looking for parking, the curb space on the east side San Jose Avenue north of Niagara Avenue has been converted to general parking, which adds five general parking spaces.

We expect boarding island construction to last no more than five days, and work will take place between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m, with the following impacts:

Traffic Impacts:

  • Northbound San Jose Avenue traffic will be limited to one lane along the track lane between Niagara and Mt. Vernon Avenues. Drive with caution and watch for construction workers.
  • There are no impacts to southbound San Jose Avenue traffic.

Parking impacts: 

  • Temporary impacts to parking aren’t expected but please watch for signs.

Noise impacts: 

  • There may be some noise during brief excavation work.  

Muni service impacts: 

  • Muni service won’t be impacted during this quick-build implementation.  

We expect to implement more quick-build improvements later this summer as part of the project. Stay tuned for further updates.