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San Francisco's Biking and Rolling Plan - March Project Update

After a brief break San Francisco’s Biking and Rolling Plan: Active Communities is back in motion. 

We are renewing our focus on the plan’s policies. Strong and robust policies are what will form the foundation of the transformative change the plan seeks to achieve. It’s where the plan’s values will get embedded and how the network — the changes on the ground — will be determined. For example:  

  • How do we ensure that young people can travel between schools and parks safely? 

  • We have a goal to focus on local needs first. How do we navigate standardization between dynamic neighborhoods?  

  • What goals can be reworked to focus on vibrancy, economic vitality and thriving communities? How do we make other goals more robust? 

  • Bike lanes that are fair, accessible, safe 

This renewed focus means that the final plan will be rolled out in two important stages: 

  • A new timeline in response to community needs:  

    • Arriving in June 2024, Part 1 will cover policies and programs, introduce community groups, and a connectivity map showing new facilities, upgrades to existing ones, and areas of the city that still have gaps.  

    • Arriving in Early 2025, Part 2 will include a more complete connectivity map with a shortlist of projects that bridges the Vision Zero Quick Build program and Community Action Plans for the Fillmore, Tenderloin, Mission, Excelsior, and Bayview. 

This new timeline is different from the original timeline to be responsive to community needs. In the meantime, we will continue to meet with communities for input on the plan.  

Lastly, the name of the plan is changing to San Francisco’s Biking and Rolling Plan: Active Communities, or San Francisco’s Biking and Rolling Plan for short. This change was prompted by a need to make it more intuitive. Please expect to see these changes implemented over the coming months. 


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