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Transportation 2050 Update - November 19, 2021

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We are planning for a transportation system to deliver the reliable and safe transit San Franciscans tell us they want, address changes in travel patterns and demographics, and improve safety. We also need to address the historical wrongs of inequitable service and long-delayed infrastructure repairs.  

Under-investment in transportation has been a decades-long trend. Transportation 2050 (T2050) considers a package of revenue sources over several years to sustain a more reliable, affordable, and safer transportation system.  

Proposed Bond Measure 

Investments in our transportation infrastructure are needed to support reliable transit and safer streets. The first funding to come out of Transportation 2050 is a proposed $400 Million General Obligation (GO) Bond for transportation projects. The SFMTA Board of Directors has considered the Muni Reliability and Street Safety Improvement Bond at public meetings in October and November and will take action to recommend it to the Board of Supervisors at its December 7, 2021 meeting.  

This GO Bond will fund extensive capital improvements such as smart traffic signals that get buses through intersections quickly, wider sidewalks at bus stops for faster, more accessible boarding, and dedicated transit lanes to make sure buses don’t get stuck in traffic. These elements reduce travel times by keeping our fleet moving. Additionally, funds will go to improve transit facilities, strengthen walking, bicycling, and Muni connections along major corridors, and increase subway capacity to deliver dependable, high-frequency transit with a modernized train control system. For a more in-depth look at the bond, please visit our blog

Community Outreach 

We have also been busy holding virtual presentations on the need to put our transportation system on firmer financial footing and ensure Muni can continue to support San Francisco’s economic recovery.  So far, we have given more than 50 presentations and are looking to include additional interested groups. If you are interested in scheduling us for a presentation, please email or call 415.646.2233. To learn more about Transportation 2050, please visit our project page