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Underground Fuel Tanks Removed at Kirkland Bus Yard

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Underground tanks successfully removed

As the Kirkland Fuel Tank Replacement Project continues to make headways, the two underground tanks that have been in service for over 40 years were successfully removed on Monday, June 19, 2017. Once off the ground, the tanks were immediately hauled away by flatbed trucks. The next steps are to excavate the pits, construct the concrete foundation, lay out the piping system and install the new, the state of art tanks. This operation will take up to two months.

The tank replacement project that started in early May is expected to last for nine months. It will bring the tanks up to code, improve safety and make fueling faster and more efficient.

To accommodate construction, sidewalk on the south of Beach Street between Stockton and Powell streets has been closed and the E and F stop at Stockton is relocated from the southwest corner to the southeast corner. We are working diligently to open up the sidewalk and resume the service of the regular streetcar stop as soon as possible. Ambassadors will continue to assist customers at the discontinued stop on weekends.