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Please see Related Projects on this page for current project information. We are keeping this page as a record of SFMTA outreach.

An update on 2017 projects

At the Golden Gate Park Sunday Streets event in June, Rec & Park and SFMTA staff presented a package of traffic calming and safety improvements proposed for Golden Gate Park roads. This next phase of projets are scheduled to be implemented in late 2017 and early 2018. After receiving public feedback and through detailed design, we have made some additions and modifications to the proposals:

  • We’ve heard a great deal of feedback concerning the difficulty of crossing Crossover Dr in the mid-block crosswalk for the walking/bicycling path that connects 22nd Ave to Transverse Dr. As a result, on eastbound Crossover Dr approaching Transverse Dr, we are proposing to convert one of the through lanes into a right-turn only lane onto Transverse. This will mean people walking and biking through the mid-block crosswalk will only need to cross one lane of eastbound traffic, as is already the case in the westbound direction. As with similar changes elsewhere, we expect yielding compliance by people driving to go up with this new configuration. Eastbound Crossover Dr would return to two lanes past the mid-block crosswalk and our analysis shows that this change will not adversely affect traffic operations.
  • On JFK Dr just east of 8th Ave, we are proposing to shift the eastbound merge zone closer to the intersection, which will allow for an expanded bikeway buffer adjacent to the parking spaces. The existing buffer is extremely narrow and addressing this pinch-point will provide more breathing room between people bicycling in the parking-protected bikeway and those loading parked vehicles.
  • Also on JFK Dr at 8th Ave, we are proposing to make the left eastbound lane into a left-turn only lane (for left turns from eastbound JFK Dr onto northbound 8th Ave). This would make crossing the east side crosswalk on JFK Dr and driving through the intersection a more predictable experience. Through traffic on eastbound JFK will still be permitted in the right lane.
  • If funding permits and no conflicts are discovered during further detailed design, we are proposing four additional speed humps on MLK Drive (two between Lincoln Ave and Bernice Rodgers Way and two between Metson Road and 25th Ave), as well as an additional raised crosswalk on MLK Dr at the existing mid-block crosswalk near the Hoover Redwood Grove picnic area.
  • Due to underground utility conflicts, we are no longer considering a raised crosswalk on Transverse Dr at the end of the 22nd Ave path.
  • We are still collecting feedback on the proposed 30th Ave one-way conversion, both internally within SFMTA and Rec & Park, and externally from neighbors and other stakeholders. As such, this project would be implemented after the other improvements. We expect to have an update in the fall.

You can see the locations of these changes, along with other proposed improvements, on our updated project map.