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Update on Parking Control Officers at West Portal

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Since earlier this year, Parking Control Officers (PCO's) have been stationed at the West Portal and Ulloa intersection to help direct traffic. In general, this helped keep things moving and made sure Muni vehicles experienced less delay at this crucial location. 

As part of the West Portal Pilot, the SFMTA is in the process of collecting a robust set of data to analyze the benefits and impacts changes that were implemented on the corridor.  The next step is to collect data without the presence of PCO's in order to test the  effectiveness of the pilot treatments alone. To accomplish this, the PCO's will be temporarily removed from the intersection this week from Tuesday, October 22nd through Thursday, October 24th. 

Once all data is collected, we will prepare a report that will be shared with merchants and residents in the area. For more information on this project, please visit: