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West Portal Pilot: New Website and Data Collection Plan

Image of West Portal Congestion

Image: A busy morning for pedestrians, cars and trains at West Portal

West Portal Transit Delay Reduction Pilot

West Portal Station is a key node in the Muni rail network, where 3 lines (K, L and M) connect to the Twin Peaks Tunnel and the subway running beneath Market Street. Approximately 80,000 customers pass through this station each day. While there have been many upgrades to West Portal over the last 100 years, bottlenecks still persist regularly that can cause delays for Muni customers and detract from the experience of visiting West Portal. Along with planned operational improvements, the SFMTA is proposing new ideas to the area near the portal to improve transit, traffic circulation and pedestrian safety. 

New Project Website

website is now live containing the current plan for the pilot based on feedback gathered from local stakeholders including merchants, residents and Muni riders. There is also a link on the website where you can download the most project recent flier.

Check out the website here:

Data Collection Plan

As part of the West Portal Transit Delay Reduction Pilot, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) will be collecting a robust set of data to analyze the benefits and impacts of the pilot. The document summarizes the data that is planned to be collected before and during the pilot. All data collected, and the subsequent analysis and findings, will be publicly available. This plan was developed by SFMTA staff with input from the community.

Review the plan here: Data Collection Plan

Next Steps

Staff are finishing some door to door outreach near the project and will be hanging informational posters in the area of the pilot soon. The proposal is scheduled to be reviewed and voted on at the May 21 regular SFMTA Board Meeting. Materials and the agenda will be posted on the calendar website about a week before the meeting.