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Wiggle Near Term Improvements

Following the SFMTA Board of Directors approval of the Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor Project, a number of near term improvements have been implemented and are planned for the next few months.

Winter 2015: At two intersections, painted safety zones will be installed to improve the visibility between pedestrians and motorists and encourage motorists to turn at slower speeds. The Scott Street bike lane from Haight Street to Fell Street will be painted green to highlight the presence of cyclists. Signage will be placed on Divisadero street to restrict vehicles from turning left to Hayes Street and McAllister Street during peak periods to reduce vehicle queuing and improve travel time for the 24-Divisadero.
Summer 2016: Traffic signal progression on Divisadero Street between O’Farrell Street and Hayes Street will be coordinated to improve travel times along the street.

Detailed design for the overall project is continuing with construction slated to begin in September 2016 and end in September 2017.