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Alemany Corridor Safety Project

The Alemany Corridor Safety Project Study was adopted by the SF Transportation County Authority (SFCTA)  Board in September 2020. The project team is working on finalizing the designs for near-term improvements to install on the corridor. For more information about the SFCTA's Neighborhood Program, please visit SFCTA's Neighborhood Program webpage.

Project Timeline 
Community Outreach
Fall 2019 to Spring 2020
Develop Conceptual Designs
Spring 2020
Share Recommendations
Spring 2020
Finalize Recommendations to SFCTA
Fall 2020
Current Phase or Stage
Planning Process Complete, Near-Term Improvements Complete
Project Status

With coordination and funding through the SFCTA’s Neighborhood Transportation Improvement Program (NTIP), Supervisor Safai committed to identifying safety and accessibility improvements on Alemany Boulevard between Sickles Avenue to Rousseau Street. 

The focus of the project identified collision "hot spots" and recommend near, medium and long-term collision countermeasures to improve safety. The study built on prior work by the San Francisco Planning Department, through the Excelsior-Outer Mission Strategy and SFMTA, and included community outreach to confirm needs assessment and to collect feedback on design proposals.

Segments of Alemany Boulevard are on the city's High-Injury Network or the 13 percent of streets that account for 75 percent of severe and fatal traffic collisions. Over a five-year period between October 2014 to September 2019, there were 145 reported injury collisions, of which one was fatal. A large majority, about 80 percent, involved collisions between vehicles. 

The overall goals of this project included:

  • Improving safety for all who travel on Alemany Boulevard
  • Reducing the number of conflicts and collisions between those who walk, bike and drive on the corridor.

Through this planning process, the SFMTA worked with the community to determine near, mid and long term measures to improve safety on the corridor. 

The Alemany Corridor Safety Project Study was adopted by the SF Transportation Count Authority Board in September 2020. Near-term improvements were installed in spring 2021. TheSFMTA will continue to work with Supervisor Safai's office and the SFCTA to prioritize needs for the corridor for the mid-to-long term safety improvement recommendation. 

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