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Central Richmond Traffic Safety Project

Project Update 06/30/2020: The project is now substantially complete! Project elements were approved by Directive of the City Traffic Engineer in June 2019. 


The Central Richmond Traffic Safety Project proposes a neighborhood friendly project to improve safety conditions for people walking, biking, or being dropped off at schools in the Central Richmond neighborhood. Designs proposed by the SFMTA are relatively quick to implement and focus on streets with a history of high injury collisions, and where children and seniors are present.


  • Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPIs) at signalized intersections
  • Advanced limit lines and yield teeth
  • High visibility continental crosswalks
  • Daylighting for increased visibility between pedestrians and cars
  • Pedestrian Refuge Islands at California Street and 19th Avenue
  • Speed humps at schools, parks, senior centers and locations with a history of collisions


Spring 2018 - Spring 2019

  • Key Stakeholder Outreach

Winter 2019

  • January Town Hall

Spring - Summer 2019

  • April Open House
  • Approvals/Legislation

Fall 2019- Winter 2020

  • Construction


Contact Information
Jeffrey Banks