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Fulton Street Safety Project

Project Introduction

Fulton Street is a main traffic and transit thoroughfare in the Richmond District, bordering the northern edge of Golden Gate Park. Every day, residents and visitors cross Fulton Street by foot and bicycle to access the park, for commute and for recreational trips. However, prior studies conducted in this area – such as the Richmond District Strategy and Golden Gate Park Edges Study – have found that Fulton Street fails to provide a comfortable and safe experience for people walking and biking, and segments of Fulton are located on San Francisco High Injury Network. The Fulton Street Safety Project aims to improve safety and accessibility between Golden Gate Park and the Richmond District across Fulton Street.

This project is made possible by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority through a grant of Proposition K Local Transportation Sales Tax Funds.


Segments of Fulton Street within the project area are located on San Francisco's High Injury Network, including the segments from 6th Avenue to 11th Avenue and from 17th Avenue to 29th Avenue. Between January 2014 and June 2019:

  • 230 injury collisions were reported on Fulton Street between Stanyan and La Playa, including 54 collisions involving a bicyclist or pedestrian
  • 17 collisions resulted in severe injuries, including one fatal collision
  • Intersections with most collisions: Arguello Boulevard, Park Presidio Boulevard, and 8th Avenue

Existing Conditions

  • 33% of Fulton intersections do not have traffic signals or stop signs per the Golden Gate Park Edges Study
  • Fulton is served by frequent Muni service via the 5 Fulton and 5R Fulton Rapid routes
  • East-west bike travel is primarily concentrated on Cabrillo Street to the north and John F. Kennedy Drive within Golden Gate Park
  • Multiple north-south bike routes including Arguello Boulevard, 8th and 34th Avenues traverse Fulton Street

Community Outreach  

The SFMTA will conduct outreach to support the development of project concepts, as well as to collect feedback on the proposed project. Please join us during the fall and winter of 2019 as we work to identify improvements to safety and comfort of Fulton Street in the Richmond District.

  • In Fall 2019, Fulton residents and neighbors will be invited to participate in an online, multi-lingual survey which will inform the development of project concepts.
  • In Winter 2019/20, the SFMTA will conduct a community open house to share the proposed project and collect community feedback to help refine the final project recommendations.
Project Timeline 
Fall 2019
Outreach and Design
Winter 2019/20
Community Feedback
Spring 2020
Project Recommendations
Project Status
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Contact Information
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