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K Ingleside Rapid Project

Quick-build improvements are planned for later this year to bring improved transit reliability and travel times and enhanced traffic safety across the K Ingleside corridor. This comes after the March 5, 2024 SFMTA Board of Directors meeting when the Board voted to approve the K Ingleside Rapid Project. Read more in our project update.

我們計畫於今年晚些時候對 K Ingleside 走廊進行快速施工改造,以提高交通可靠性、縮短行車時間並加強交通安全。該計畫已於2024年3月5日舊金山交通管理局(SFMTA)董事會會議投票批准K Ingleside 快速工程後開始實施。請在項目進度了解更多信息。

Las mejoras de construcción rápida han sido planeadas para más adelante durante el año en curso para lograr mayor confiabilidad y menor duración de los viajes del transporte público y mayor seguridad del tráfico a lo largo del corredor de K Ingleside. Esto ocurrirá después de la reunión de la Junta de Directores de SMFTA del 5 de marzo de 2024 cuando la Junta votó la aprobación del Proyecto Rápido de K Ingleside. Siga leyendo en novedades del proyecto.

Project Introduction

The K Ingleside Rapid Project focuses improvements on Ocean Avenue between Junipero Serra Boulevard and the Balboa Park BART Station.

The K Ingleside connects the Ingleside district to downtown San Francisco via West Portal Avenue and the Twin Peaks Tunnel. It links residential neighborhoods, the Ocean Avenue commercial corridor, Balboa Park BART and schools, including City College of San Francisco and primary and secondary schools.

Over 13,000 riders board the K Ingleside daily, and ridership is steadily growing as the city recovers from the pandemic. The K Ingleside is identified as a priority for improvement by the Muni Service Equity Strategy, which focuses on improving Muni in neighborhoods with high percentages of households with low incomes, people of color, seniors and people with disabilities.

The K Ingleside Rapid Project aims to:

  • Improve capacity. The line currently runs two-car trains, but due to the inadequate size of some train platforms on Ocean Avenue, only one of the train cars is used, and the second car is locked to prevent riders from using it on that portion of the line, reducing capacity. Increasing train capacity is especially important as housing and jobs are added to the corridor.
  • Reduce travel times and increase reliability. Average speeds on the K Ingleside are as slow as 5 m.p.h. in the project area. This project aims to improve travel time by 10-20%.
  • Enhance traffic safety. Portions of Ocean Avenue within the project area are part of the High Injury Network, which is the 12% of city streets where 68% of all severe and fatal traffic collisions occur.

The project is part of the Muni Forward program, which delivers transit priority and reliability improvements across the Muni system, particularly where ridership is the highest and in the most transit-dependent neighborhoods.

Project Timeline 
Spring 2023
Outreach: Initial community engagement including sharing out of ideas from the Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan and engagement
Summer 2023
Outreach: Shared refined proposals based on feedback
Winter 2024
Outreach and legislation: Shared final proposals with the community and proposed the final plan to bring to SFMTA Board for their consideration and ultimate approval
Summer 2024
Implementation: Quick-build implementation of initial improvements
Internal Design: Detailed design of capital improvements
Implementation: Construction of capital improvements begins
Predicted Completion
Project Status
Detailed Design
Implementation / Construction
Bus Routes and Rail Lines

District 7 Supervisor Myrna Melgar on the K Ingleside Rapid Project

“My office launched the Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan with the SFCTA in 2021 to prioritize the transportation investments that Ocean Avenue deserves. With District 11 Supervisor Safai, we recruited a task force representing merchants, schools, neighborhood residents and cultural organizations, who led a robust outreach process that evaluated investments that could meet our goals:   

•       Improve safety and connectivity for people walking and cycling    
•       Improve transit efficiency, reliability and accessibility    
•       Manage congestion on streets, particularly at freeways    
•       Improve livability to support economic vitality and quality of life   
The K Ingleside Rapid Project will support every one of these goals and, as result, emerged as a critical project for the corridor. The project proposes smart investments that meet the neighborhood’s growing transportation needs with faster and more reliable transit that can move more people. It will also address traffic safety on one of the city’s most dangerous streets. I’ve asked the SFMTA to work on this project, and I’m excited for it to deliver transit that better connects us to Ocean Avenue and across the city.”  

Project Outreach

K Ingleside Rapid Project builds on previous efforts on the corridor to address current and future needs emerging from growth. Most recently, the Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan convened a community task force in 2021 and held online town halls to prioritize and identify funding for improvements to transportation, safety for people walking and bicycling and traffic circulation. Through this process, the K Ingleside Rapid Project advanced as one of its priority projects. 

Public outreach led by the SFMTA for the project proceeded across a few phases: 

Spring 2023: The first phase included opportunities for community members to share their high-level ideas, experiences and values to shape the project. We also implemented merchant-focused outreach with a loading survey and door-to-door canvassing to potentially affected merchants. 

Summer 2023: The project team shared an updated proposal with detailed drawings. We launched a survey that received over 200 responses and held events on the corridor and meetings with neighbors and community groups. 

Fall 2023: We shared updated loading and parking proposal drawings with merchants highlighting new proposed loading zones for cars and trucks and continued to meet with community members and hold events

Winter 2024: The project team held a two-week virtual public hearing for community members to share feedback online and in-person. We finalized our project proposals and brought them for consideration by the SFMTA Board of Directors at their March 5, 2024 meeting, where the Board voted unanimously to approve the project.  


Construction of the project is primarily funded through a grant from the State of California’s Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program.

Current Phase or Stage


Other Efforts

The Frida Kahlo Quick-Build Project aims to improve safety for people walking and bicycling on Frida Kahlo Way at the Ocean Avenue intersection and to the section of Frida Kahlo Way north of Ocean Avenue.

Contact Information
Brian Haagsman, Public Information Officer