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Laurel Heights/Jordan Park Traffic Calming Project

Project Introduction

The Laurel Heights/Jordan Park Traffic Calming Project was initiated by area residents to help reduce the negative impacts of motor vehicle traffic while improving safety and access for people walking and biking.

In the individual neighborhoods within the project area, this project develops traffic calming measures for local streets based on resident and stakeholder input and traffic surveys.

The SFMTA maintains an archive of all written complaints and observations received from the neighborhood. The most frequently expressed issues in the area are speeding, visibility problems and crosswalk issues. Many crosswalks in the neighborhood have been upgraded and SFMTA is now seeking approval for additional traffic calming measures.

Please view the Laurel Heights/Jordan Park Traffic Calming Project Final Report


This traffic calming project is a local streets project and will not address arterial streets in the area. The project area is bounded by Geary Blvd, California St, Masonic Ave, and Arguello Blvd.  The blocks of Palm Ave, Jordan Ave, Commonwealth Ave, and Parker Ave, between Euclid Ave and Geary Blvd, are not part of this project.  These blocks received traffic calming as part of an earlier process.

Please see the project area map.

Project Status
Implementation / Construction